A Letter To The Azerbaijani People

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This letter is directed not only Azerbaijani people but also to the soldiers, officers and why not to Ilham Aliyev. We Armenians have a wise saying ‘’Կուժ քեզ ասեմ, կուլա դու լսիր’’. I tell another person but my words are directed to you. So I can say that it refers to us too. I must confess that Azerbaijan’s victory in this war was a real victory, but as a military psychologist I would advise Azerbaijan not to be inspired so much and draw conclusions. Don’t think that Armenians have only Pashinyan, Vazgen Sargsyan, Levon, Serzh, Kocharyan. They are real national traitors.
Remember that my nation has given birth to Montes, Tatuls, Bekors and this process is going on. In the 90’s they did not accept all the ill- law actions, brutality from the side of Azerbaijan. They refuse to live as a victims or slaves. Your grandparents and parents have seen their strength and power. It took you 30 years to rearm and restore your power. You got this victory not so easily as many of you think. I would like to say the most important thing is not my letter but your history from which only 30 years have passed. Don’t forget that massacre in Sumgayit and Baku become the reason for our demigod to wake up and to take weapons to keep his honour and honesty. I want to remind you once more that you needed 30 years to correct the situation, but I’m sure that Azerbaijan officers saw the strong will and power of Armenian soldiers in this war and they became sure of it. They saw their heroism and braveness. 44 days were enough to understand these heroes were able to fight even against rockets coming down from the sky. So don’t be inspired by this victory as you need to keep it. As they say ”It’s easy to win but there’s difficult to keep the victory’’.
Remember, that earth will become curse like in the 90’s and it can become a real hell for the Azerbaijani soldiers and Artsakh will really become a ”black garden” a ” hell garden” not only for you but for your brothers Turks too. Remember the defeats in the 90’s and your mistakes. Look at the graves of thousands of victims and make conclusions, look at your mothers who have lost their sons and think, is it right to dig the hive of wild bees?. The desire of victory can make blind only illiterate and coward person. A winning soldier must keep proud and honourable. You have confessed that Nikol Pashinyan has given this victory to you and now we’re sure of it. But don’t forget that Pashinyan and Sargsyan appear and disappear but the mark left by them remains forever. It’s very deep and never becomes a scar and it means sooner or later the counterattack will be, because we Armenians learned it from the history. At that time neither Russian peacekeepers nor your brothers from Turkey can save you. The great states of the world saw that even your bairaktaris could not break the soul of Armenian soldiers. Be afraid of our revenge. Be afraid that soon the mountains of Artsakh will again become graves for your soldiers. The roads and canyons in Artsakh will bring death to those who try enter there. Know your measure and respect my advice. Today you keep many Armenian military captors but don’t forget that my nation is able to fight, to victor and never forget about their wrath and revenge of a wounded man. Brutality is only for the cowards and also remember we can’t be enemies forever, we can’t fight against each other. ”Wise nations build peace, ignorant nations sow enmity”. Today’s chaos on borders can be disaster based on immorality .
I hope that my letter will be translated not only Azerbaijani but also in Turkish too. The time shows that individuals can turn the wheel of history. Ilham Aliyev needed 30 years to turn the wheel of history in his wanted direction in order to not repeat the mistakes of his previous leaders. As they say ”As you sow so shall you reap’’. Today you spread fear, hatred, hostility, tomorrow will gather your crops wars, death and hell. Maybe this time they will understand that the Armenians of Artsakh are ready to protect their motherland and sacred places. You must respect others in spite of their religion and nationality. This respect does not exist in this case wait for greater disaster, it will be guerrilla warfare.
I wish laugh, peace and cloudless sky. Both victory and defeat depend on us. Let’s respect each other for the future generation.

With respect, Military psychologist Geheni Arakel.

03-01-2021 Artsakh. Stepanakert

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